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Are your packages listed online?
Not at this time. I prefer to speak with a potential client first to learn what their particular needs and wishes are and then send the information to them in the mail. I also include a DVD slide show of some of my work with the package information to give people a better understanding of the way I work.

What photography style do you work in?
With more that thirty years photographing for documentation and news, I can easily say you will be seeing a true photojournalistic style of shooting. I certainly would be doing the formal portraits, working from your list of required shots, but the rest of the day you are left to enjoy your celebration. There is no question that I can give you better photography if I allow you to relax and enjoy your day than I can by interrupting you for a list of poses.

Do You Shoot Black and White?
All photography is done digitally, so your Primary Album will be in color, but any custom prints can easily be made into beautiful black and white prints. With thirty years of printing black and white photographs for exhibition, I bring the needed experience to crafting beautiful images in monochromatic formats.

What is a Primary Album?
A Primary Album is a book containing the edited version of the photographs of the event. The prints are 3 ½ x 5 with a matte surface. All images have been toned and corrected for proper color values. The photographs are generally not cropped or retouched at this stage. Primary Albums usually contain between 400 and 500 photographs, depending on how the day unfolds. Occasionally, a second Primary Album is needed if there are enough photographs to warrant this. There is an extra expense for the second book, as required.

What is a Custom Album?
A Custom Album is a leather-bound album of custom printed photographs, usually enlarged, cropped and possibly retouched. The books are assembled to the highest degree of quality using archival materials in production. The photographs are dry mounted into the album, not taped in. The presentation is as beautiful as it is enduring. The albums can be repaired as needed.

Do you use an assistant?
I generally do not use an assistant or a second photographer on the day of the event. I have been shooting personal and corporate events, as well as hard news and sports for more than twenty-five years and feel that I am able to cover events in a creative and personal way that cannot be done by a weekend-only photographer. I am completely dedicated to providing the best photography available. I shoot a lot of images during the course of the day, but do not believe that more is better only for the sake of shooting more. Each of the photographs that I make during the course of the day is done with purpose.

I do have an assistant who works with me in the studio, keeping albums and prints in order. She is proficient in putting together the Primary Albums so my clients can have their photographs as early as possible. She is also excellent in designing the custom books with a fine taste for colors that make the images look their best.

Do you offer smaller half-day packages?
Yes, I do, depending on the time of years and the requirements of your event. If this is something of interest to you, please contact me to discuss your wishes.

What is the turn-around after the event?
Primary Albums are usually prepared for pick-up or delivery within a few weeks of the event. There are times, especially in the fall or around holidays, that may require a bit longer wait, but we try to have everything we need in order to assure a speedy delivery. Custom books take a bit longer, as custom prints have to be made and reviewed for quality and then sent to the album company to be assembled by their craftsmen. This process often takes about six weeks.

As with most FAQ sections, you might have questions that I have not answered here. I encourage you to be in touch, whether with a phone call or an email to give me an opportunity to answer your questions. Thank you very much!

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I have been photographing fine crafts and works of art since the early 80s. I am a Juried Member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. I have worked with the GuildĄ¯s jury selection committee, as well as on jury sessions for the state shows. This experience has helped me better understand what the artisans needs to attain their goals.

I have attended workshops and one-on-one sessions with renowned fine craft jurist and crafts business teacher Bruce Baker, in order to hone my photography to the very specialized realm of craft photography.

My photography has helped my clients achieve their goals, whether it is to gain initial entry into the market or to enter into larger and more prestigious shows to further their careers. My photographs are also used to help gain much needed publicity for the artisan.

I am working in both digital and film formats, as requested. I also stay up to date with the requirements in preparing images for the digital jury process, such as with Zapplication.

I am deadline oriented so you can have your photographs when you need them. I encourage my clients to be present during the photography session to help present the work in the best way. You may also ship your items to be photographed.

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I have been exhibiting my fine art prints since the early 80s, but currently am not affiliated with any particular gallery. I have displayed my prints in scores of group and individual exhibits. I have also curated three group photography exhibits.

At present, I am printing my personal work in my studio using the highest quality materials to offer archival prints that will last through the years. The quality of the digital print certainly rivals that of traditional silver. They are, however, two different formats and should be judged for their own merits.

My works are in private collections across the US and in Europe. My photographs have also been used for corporate gifts and award presentations. I welcome commissions.

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